10 Tips for Reversing Symptoms of Illness Naturally (part 2 of 3)

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2020

Continuing on from the first 10 tips, here are 10 more...

  1. Do you have a willingness to get out of the thinking head and into the feeling body to allow emotional energy to move, clear and transform?

  2. Do you understand your natural state is health, and if you are not experiencing this, it's a sign you have gone off track, and need to get back on track?

  3. Do you have a willingness to explore where you have not gone before?

  4. Do you understand there are certain ‘laws of health’ which if we break them, like breaking any laws, will result in consequences of illness?

  5. Do you have a willingness to put exercises into practice experientially rather than theoretically, ie, knowledge into action>

  6. Do you understand we live in a universe of cause and effect, and all actions have consequences, and that physical illness is the result of previous actions where we have inadvertently broken the laws of health?

  7. Do you have a willingness to be vulnerable and honest with yourself and others to bring you back on track?

  8. Do you have a willingness to return to your authentic self because truth health and happiness can only be built on honesty?

  9. Are you finding the right therapy / therapies that work for oneself as there is no one right size that fits all?

  10. Do you understand it is not the name of the therapy which is important, but the tools the therapy offers, and their successful implementation, which creates the positive change you are looking for?

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