Root Cause Analysis Package

Find the cause of your unexplained health or unhappiness issues. This experience could change your life.

There is more to health and wellbeing than simply the absence of illness!

  • Do you never feel 100%?
  • Do you feel like you’ve tried everything and nothing helps?
  • Do you want a holistic solution that addresses the cause rather than just skimming over the symptoms?

Then the TKM Root Cause Analysis Package is for you.

"WOW! Is all I can say...I'm in awe of you and everything you teach. I now realise my resistance was resistance to my-self and the change that is now taking place” Evie, Pharmacist

What do you want from your life?

Are you being held back from having a happy, fulfilled life by constant health problems or just not feeling happy enough?

Do you want to feel whole again, to be able to move forward in life, and break through negative cycles?

Do you want to take control of your health and life?

This breakthrough experience will work for your HEALTH if:
  • You are constantly sick or in pain
  • You are exhausted and feel burned out or stuck
  • You have tried every conventional treatment and nothing has helped
  • You have been diagnosed with a debilitating fatigue or pain condition such as chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal fatigue, ME, fibromyalgia or IBS
  • You are always tired, and never seem to sleep well
This breakthrough experience will work for your WELLBEING if:
  • You regularly feel overwhelmed, stressed or anxious
  • Other people walk all over you, leaving you feeling hopeless and powerless
  • You suffer from anxiety, depression and overwhelm
  • You find it hard to speak your truth or put yourself first
  • Your health issues affect your relationship, your career, and your finances

"I am so glad I found you. You are obviously someone with a big heart as well as a talent for helping people heal". 

How does Kim's methodology work?

Everyone has had struggles in their lives. Our past directly influences our future and if your past has had trauma, it can create future unhappiness. The mind, emotions and health are inextricably linked. Resolving the emotional cause resolves the physical problem.

TKM (The Knight Method of Transformation) is a pioneering new therapy. It quickly and accurately untangles the factors that contribute to your health issues. Just like the branches and leaves on a tree will die or wither if there is root damage, the symptoms of an illness will go away if you address the root cause. I focus on the person, not the illness.

Using a wide spectrum of tools developed from years of research and training, we work together to:

  • Fill in the blanks and understanding the missing pieces in your life
  • Understand how events in your life have contributed to unhappiness and illness
  • Find the root cause of your symptoms
  • Discern what needs to happen to turn your life around
  • Cultivate renewed hope that there is a solution and a way forward. Know that you CAN have fullness of life free from mental, emotional, or physical pain

Finding the cause of your symptoms can be a huge relief and is the first step to freedom from pain or fatigue. The TKM Breakthrough Experience also allows you to experience my coaching style. This means we can effectively develop a personalised plan. These solutions and techniques will lead you to health and happiness.

“WOO HOO! Since our session I am amazed at the positive questioning going on in my mind to the day-to-day experiences which would have had me angsting before".

About the Root Cause Analysis (RCA)

The RCA includes several steps:

  • After you register, you will be sent a calendar link to book your session time with me
  • You will also fill in some pre-session questionnaires which helps to expedite our time together
  • I will assess your questionnaires, and already have an idea of what the cause of the problems are even before we speak
  • We will meet for a 90 minute power-packed consultation, where I will definitively show you the real root cause of your symptoms
  • I will share my conclusions during the session and make some recommendations on the spot for what you are going to need to reverse symptoms

What's included in your RCA package?

Your RCA includes:

  • An hour of my time for pre-session administration and pre-session questionnaire assessment
  • A 90 minute power-packed consultation. (These root cause analysis consultations used to take me 6 hours... now with experience we can do it in 90 minutes)
  • Access to my 'Introduction to Emotional Mastery' program, which explains the enormous role emotions play in illness
  • Access to my 'What If Secrets to Health' program which explains a new paradigm in healing
  • Access to the '9 Pillars of Health Mastery' program, which explains the 9 different areas of your life which will need addressing for optimum health

What are you waiting for?

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. If you want to transform your life, sign up now, and start taking control of your life and health. Gain fullness of health and life. Take advantage of solutions that have earned the TKM Breakthrough Experience a 100% success rate!

It’s time you do this for you. You deserve it. Begin your journey to health today.

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