Simple, proven, effective self-help strategies to 'lessen depression' and even clear it completely without medication or supplements

YES! I'm ready to kick depression to the kerb!

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You often find yourself feeling down, low, listless, lethargic and it's hard to find your 'get up and go'?

Your mind feels heavy and brain-fogged, you can't think sharply and clearly like you used to

You find it hard to concentrate at work (or home) and you can't do your job properly?

You often find yourself crying for no reason (remember that scene in the film 'About a Boy'?)

Your sleep is disturbed, you wake frequently and you're often exhausted from a bad night's sleep

You want to enjoy life but you just don't seem to know how anymore, and often find yourself curled up under the sheets in bed or on the couch

You feel like no-one understands what it's like for you and you can't even tell your closest friends or family

At the darkest times when you so want support or company, you just can't find a way to ask for help because you feel like no-one will want to help

You find yourself experiencing side-effects from medication which sometimes makes you feel even worse than before?

You want to get off medication but you're afraid you never will, and you'll be on it for the rest of your life?

Sometimes you find yourself spiralling down into a pit of despair, terrified you'll never make it out again - there's just no light at the end of the tunnel

I know how it feels because I was in that place too!

I was diagnosed with depression in my late 20's and it got so bad I ended up in hospital. I truly felt there was no hope and no way out. But I did find a way out, and without medication, because I was determined to find another way.

Now I want to help as many people as possible understand what causes depression and how we have the power to reduce and even clear our symptoms by making changes from the inside out.

I really do understand

Over the years I dipped in and out of depression, but each time I would find my way out quicker because my toolbox of techniques for dealing with it got larger and larger. Rather than staying depressed for weeks and months, I could come out of it in minutes or hours.

Now I want to share the techniques with you. These are the very same techniques I share with my elite private coaching clients, and I want you to have them because I want you to know that there is so much you can do to get over depression without having to rely on drugs or supplements.

Over the years I have worked with hundreds of clients helping them clear depression. Here are a just a few success stories...

"I understand now that depression is a 'de-pression' of emotions and not a weakness or inability to cope. Before, I had felt emotions such as anger were bad and had disallowed anger from my life. This caused me to suppress it to the point where I would feel depression rather than an emotion. Now I am able to see that there are no 'bad' emotions, they all serve a purpose. "

HM, New Zealand

"A client had been struggling with depression for 9 years. After learning techniques from Kim for clearing depression he reported: "I’m a completely different person. I’m calmer, more centred, confident and have more energy. I’ve managed, with my wife, to start our own business - I wouldn’t have been able to do so a few months ago! Thank you!!!!" His wife said: "It's absolutely wonderful having the man I married back!""


""I have noticed already a subsidance in my symptoms and also noticed today I didn't want to cover my symptoms but was happy when they were noticed as I was able to deal directly with them. It also gave me the confidence to stop taking anti-depressants, which has had no change to my mood, and also made me very relieved to have found Kim""

Olivia, New Zealand


You're no longer afraid of getting depressed, and when you do you have a toolbox of strategies for clearing it by yourself

You know how to identify the cause of the depression so you can clear it quickly and easily from its source

Every time you feel depressed it lasts a shorter and shorter time until eventually it becomes a thing of the past

By learning self-help strategies you can reduce your medication and even get off it for good

You feel in control of your emotions rather than feeling controlled by them, and knew how to dispel emotions at will

You know what it's like to feel light, joyful and enthusiastic about life

You feel hopeful and optimistic and the future is bright.
You're glad to be alive and find yourself busy with fun activities at home or at work.

You're enjoying your relationships with family, friends, children, partner...


If you've answered a resounding YES to this then join me on my STOP DEPRESSION NOW course, which is part of my signature EMOTIONAL ALCHEMY series.


  • You will learn self-help strategies for clearing depression so that it doesn't have to stick around for days or weeks (or months or years)
  • You will learn a simple technique for dissolving just about any emotion in seconds, which in turn magically dissipates the de-pression
  • You will be guided through a fascinating exercise to discover how much your emotional needs were met (or not) in childhood
  • You will learn how to identify the emotions which hide underneath depression causing the de-pression
  • You will learn how to become more 'emotionally aware' and spot emotions building up before they turn into depression
  • You will exactly where emotions are stored and triggered from inside your body
  • You will learn how all emotions are good and how you don't have to be afraid of them - emotions can become your friends
  • You will learn the difference between 'internal' and 'external' emotional clearing
  • You will learn how to communicate your feelings honestly with others in a safe way
  • You will learn how it's possible to become self-masterful of your wellbeing from the inside out.
  • And much more...

YES! I'm ready to kick depression to the kerb!

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I'm ready to enjoy my life more!

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Medical Disclaimer

Kim Knight does not diagnose, cure, treat or heal any person or health condition.

The information in this series is based on Kim's personal experience of dealing with her own depression without the use of medication, plus helping many clients overcome depression in her clinical practice. This is done by understanding how depression is often the 'de-pressing' of emotions, and how by learning to clear and address the underlying emotions and situations which have created the 'de-pression', we can often reduce symptoms of depression without the need for external intervention (ie medication). 

Depression can be a serious mental illness and you are advised to consult as necessary with your doctor or healthcare practitioner as needed. As a non-medical practitioner (ie Kim Knight is not a medical doctor) she is prohibited from giving, and will refrain from giving, any advice regarding medication. She highly recommends you discuss your medication needs with your doctor. If you feel you want or need to adjust your medication, you must seek the appropriate advice and guidance from your medical doctor. 

By joining this program you agree to take full responsibility for any and all information contained within it, and how you implement any of the advice or guidance in how to reduce symptoms.

By joining this program you agree to consult with your doctor or healthcare practitioner if you have any concerns or queries over your personal situation with depression, your medication needs or any associated symptoms and health conditions which often accompany depression. 


There are no refunds once the course has started although you can transfer the program to a friend if you choose.


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