Is it time to live worry-free?

Learn how to stop the mental virus of worrying, so that instead of mentally rehearsing what you don't want to happen, you experience trust, peace and harmony in your body-mind.

‘Worry is mentally rehearsing what you don’t want to happen’.

Is this you...

  • You constantly worry, fret, overthink and expect the worst to happen?
  • Sometimes you feel 'sick to your stomach' thinking about what can go wrong?
  • You lie awake at night thinking, can't get to sleep or sleep poorly and wake exhausted?
  • You don't know how to switch off your 'monkey-mind'?

Are you over-thinking and making yourself sick with worry?

You have 60,000 - 70,000 thoughts a day: how many of them are happy, positive thoughts which lead to health, happiness and success? And how many of your thoughts are creating fear, doubt or even sickness?

When we worry, we feel emotionally drained, physically sick and mentally overwhelmed. Worry literally makes us sick!

So how would it be instead to:

  • Know that you can stop worrying in seconds...
  • Breathe deep with trust and calm...
  • Feel calm and clear headed so you can think clearly, make good decisions and tune into your intuition for answers...
  • Feel safe and secure in your world, no matter what is going on

When we have practical strategies for stopping worry, we can change it quickly, no matter how bad the situation may seem inside your head.

"It's not what happens to us. It's our response to what happens to us that makes all the difference"

How will this training help you?

In this one-of-a-kind program you will learn how to stop worrying yourself sick, and instead switch on mental calm 'on demand'.

During 2 live trainings with Kim, PLUS additional video / audio lessons (over 10 hours of teaching and practical exercises) you will learn:

  • Practical mindfulness techniques to stop worry in its tracks
  • How to access your multiple brains (head, heart, gut) so you can access your intuition and your full body-mind intelligence, so you mind no longer has to over-think unnecessarily
  • How to replace worry, worst-case scenario thinking and pessimism with optimism, courage, trust and safety
  • Breathing techniques to calm the mind in minutes (or seconds)
  • How to stop the paralysing fear which accompanies worry and stress
  • How to stay in the present moment and come into the present moment at will, so your mind is no longer stuck in the worst-case-future-scenario outcome
  • How to literally stop 'worrying yourself sick'
  • and more!

Who is this training for?

This program is for anyone who experiences stress, anxiety, depression, overwhelm, worry, over-thinking, nausea (from stress and overthinking) and wants to know how to stay calm and collected at any time.

Join me for a life-changing program and learn how to take control of your mind and emotions for better health and happiness. Let's get worry-free now!

Want to know more?

Here's a sample lesson from the program - worry and stress:

Worry and Stress Intro

Watch the introductory training for the program:


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