Emotional Health Transformation Program

Learn how to reduce stress and emotions so you can manage and enjoy your life with more ease.

with Health and Personal Development Coach Kim Knight

"Health and happiness are inextricably entwined. If we are unhappy, this will often eventually lead to illness, and if we are ill, it's pretty difficult to be happy" Kim Knight

From an emotional or stress perspective...

  • Do you find yourself constantly stressed, impatient, grumpy or intolerant?
  • Do you find you never 'have enough time' and are always rushing to get things done in a stressy way?
  • Do you experience frequent emotional roller coasters, often reduced to tears, which drains you and leaves you asking the question 'is this all worth it'?
  • Do you understand the hidden positive role that negative emotions play in your life?!

Would you like to know the hidden reasons behind why this is happening and how you can easily stop it?

OR from a health perspective...

  • Are you experiencing inexplicable symptoms of pain or fatigue, which no-one seems to be able to explain?

  • Have you tried 'every therapy under the sun' but nothing seems to help you get rid of your symptoms or exhaustion?
  • Do you feel there is a 'missing piece to the puzzle' to your illness which no-one has been able to be able to give you (until now)?
  • Are you aware of the enormous connection between stress, emotions and illness ('dis-ease')?

Would you like to know how by clearing stress and emotions you can reduce symptoms of even chronic pain or fatigue?

If you have answered 'yes' to any of these questions, this course will revolutionize the way you understand and manage your health and happiness!

"I feel so lucky to have learnt what I have from this program. It has helped me make some great changes in my life and health, and I have direction and purpose again. I feel so much more connected with myself! I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is on a journey of self discovery and wellbeing". 

"Now I am back to full health, I have had no symptoms for weeks since the end of the course. I notice dramatic changes in my health. Now if I do feel any stress, tiredness, emotion or unease I am able to use the techniques that I learnt to identify what is troubling me and deal with things".

About this program

"All emotions, even those that are supressed and unexpressed, have physical effects. Unexpressed emotions tend to stay in the body like small ticking time bombs - they are illnesses in incubation"  Marilyn Van Derbur

Do you know that managing stress and emotions is the key to good health, and that according to Harvard University, at least 80% of ALL illness is attributable to stress?

This program teaches the incredible impact stress and emotions can have upon your health, to the point of creating either deep frustration and ongoing unhappiness, or even symptoms of inexplicable exhaustion and debilitating pain.

If we do not how to interpret how our body-mind communicates to us via emotions, stress (and eventually symptoms), 'unease'  or 'dis-ease' can and will build up to become disease .

Once you understand the powerful connection between stress, emotions and (if applicable) symptoms, you can learn to take charge of your health, and reduce symptoms of stress, pain and fatigue, often without the need for medication or supplements. This is true self-care and self-mastery!

Join emotional intelligence and chronic illness recovery specialist Kim Knight, aka 'The Kiwi Health Detective', as she leads you through how to understand and interpret the meaning behind stress, emotions and symptoms so you can take charge of your health, happiness and wellbeing. 


Emotional Management - the key to managing health and happiness

Do you know that training your 'emotional intelligence'...

  • Helps you stay calm on the inside under any situation no matter how difficult it may seem on the outside?
  • Helps warn and protect you from harmful situations and avoid accidents?
  • Prevents illness by sending warning signals to alert the body with crucial information for keeping the body in balance and stay well?
  • Enhances intuition and allows you to tune into your higher self to discover your passion and follow your purpose?
  • Assists you to live life effortlessly by tuning into your heart mind and gut brain, which also saves energy in the head brain (which uses 20% of our total energy reserves)

Would you like practical tools, skills and advice to manage and master your emotions and stress?


Stress Management - the key to preventing illness

The benefits of reducing stress...

  • Stress is the 'fertile ground' for the growth of illness. Why? Because when our body is in the 'stress' or 'sympathetic nervous system response', all systems of the body are under pressure. For example, digestion stops and heart rate increases. When we live in a constant state of stress, our body simply cannot carry out its routine functions properly, and over time this will most likely lead to illness.
  • When the body is in the stress response, that natural healing response stops. Therefore we are less likely to heal when we are stuck in the stress response.
  • Kim will show you how you can significantly reduce your stress response during this course.

"So much wonderful information which is so valuable to have an understanding where I am holding emotions in the body". 

"I have learnt that it is so important to address the cause of the issue – the beliefs and habits set up when I was young as a result of unresolved negative emotions - rather that purely trying to solve the physical symptoms I am living with now".

"It’s really interesting learning about the different emotions and the different body sensations. It was also great to learn that anxiety and depression are actually something we can take control of and deal with when we know how to deal with our emotions".

What will you learn on this course?

During this course you will learn:

How to manage emotions and stress to increase your levels of wellbeing and (if applicable) reverse symptoms of illness, inlcuding:

  • How emotions drive disease and therefore how emotional management is critical for good health
  • How your body communicates with you via emotions and symptoms 
  • How emotions are a form of communication trying to give you valuable information if you are open and ready to listen to them!
  • The difference between emotions and thoughts, why you cannot 'think your feelings away' and how you can resolve emotions quickly and easily
  • The three levels of communication which your body uses to communicate with you
  • How to dispel negative or uncomfortable emotions without having to get emotional :)
  • How to stop being afraid of feeling your feelings
  • Why it's critical for good health and happiness to be able to manage your feelings
  • How de-pression is the depressing of emotions, and how to clear de-pression by dissolving emotions
  • How anxiety is an overload of emotions and how by reducing emotions you can clear anxiety without medication
  • How disease is really a severe state of internal, unconscious 'dis-ease'
  • and much more...

"An absolutely beautiful smiling meditation that is so truly powerful and my cells feel like they are truly beaming with love".

"It’s so interesting how our beliefs are created from childhood and how they lead to the results in our lives. It’s so good to gain some understanding and that we can change these beliefs, as that is all they are, and therefore change our life situations".

"Yes, I love knowing that I have the power to control my stress levels".

You will also learn:

The connection between stress, emotions and illness including:

  • Why medication is usually only treating the effects rather than the true cause and root of illness
  • How your natural state is good health and happiness, and therefore illness is a straying off-track from your natural state, and what you need to do to get back on track
  • How stress is the fertile ground for the sowing of dis-ease and how managing and reducing stress is therefore critical for good health 
  • What symptoms really are: a form of communicaiton from the body, a way of getting a 'message' through to us, and how you can start to interpret that message
  • How it is important to address a person wholistically rather than just try and reverse an illness
  • Why it's essential to not get hooked into the 'labels' of a symptom or condition and how that can actually stop you getting well
  • and much more...

"The positive responses I have received from others when talking in confrontations has been astonishing…joy has been immediate as my soul has literally jumped out of my chest running bare in freedom for expressing and being heard. I have even found myself smiling inside when another person has not taken my communication so well – before doing this exercise I would have been in damage control mode trying to flower up my truth to be more in line with others feelings which just took me straight back into depression as I swallowed down a big chunk of truth in defeat. I've also experienced and observed a complete recovery and completing of fully expressing myself with a positive outcome – magic!"

You will learn easy, practical ways of identifying, managing and dissolving emotions and stress... with ease, including:

  • How to dissolve negative emotions in seconds and minutes rather than weeks, months or years
  • Easy strategies for reducing the stress response in the body, which automatically turns on the body's self-healing and relaxation response
  • How to identify emotions that are hiding themselves away and unconsciously creating physical symptoms
  • How to distinguish and feel the physical counterpart of emotional energy in the body
  • Learn the emotional causation of illness and how seemingly inconsequential events can later manifest as pain and disease 

"I really enjoyed learning about the connection of the organs to the specific emotions they store and their relation to the five elements and our senses". 

"I really like this idea of making a point of being kind and loving to ourselves and doing something nice for ourselves each day to grow our self love"

"Wow..I'm speechless, this exercise was amazing…I did not know the connection between the organs and the sensory organs or knew that the senses were our children organs..makes so much sense as they are so active and sensitive! I love this exercise and feel calm, peaceful and still!"


How long is the course and how do I access it?

This program is designed to be completed within 4 weeks. However, you will have a minimum of 6 months access to the course so that you review the lessons and videos as many times as you like.

PLUS as a bonus you will have ongoing access to the course for as long as the course remains live and available on this site (which could be for years).

You can watch the course from any digital device (computer, laptop, iphone, ipad, smart phone etc).

Once you register you will receive your personal login details and have immediate access to the course.

"I love that joy comes from within (instead of from something external), when we are in a state of balance!"

"It’s so interesting about when we feel stressed we feel like we don’t have time and that everything needs to be done now! I can definitely relate to feeling like that a lot, But when we are in a relaxed state we always have time".

What is included in the course?

The modules and lessons include:

  • Slideshow videos with Kim teaching all the information
  • Downloadable MP3 audio files which you can download and listen to wherever and whenever you want, yours to keep
  • Downloadable pdf handouts with information from the lessons
  • Guided exercises and homework to put what you are learning into immediate practice
  • Carefully timed, drip-fed lessons so that you can progress at a nice easy pace and not feel overwhelmed

The information in this course has literally transformed people's ability to manage and master their stress and emotions!

What are you waiting for? You can register at the top of this page now!

About Kim

Health and Personal Development Coach Kim Knight

Kim Knight, aka 'The Kiwi Health Detective', is a multi-award nominated health and transformation coach based in New Zealand who helps women overcome debilitating symptoms of overwhelm, pain and exhaustion without medication or supplements. Normally the conditions Kim works with have labels like ME, chronic fatigue, post-viral fatigue, fibromyalgia, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, anxiety and more.

Kim is able to do this work as the result of her own 20 year journey back to health from chronic fatigue syndrome, clinical depression, anxiety and several other chronic health conditions. This means you are not getting text-book answers - you are getting first-hand proven experience from her own journey plus the hundreds of clients she has worked with over the years.

Kim travelled the world to find answers, selling her house and spending her life savings in her commitment to find answers.... which she did. She now offers some of the most cutting-edge solutions for identifying and resolving the metaphysical meaning behind physical symptoms.

Kim offers worldwideprivate coaching, online self-help programs and international workshops.

 Finalist NEXT New Zealand Woman of the Year Awards 2011

 Semi-finalist Waitemata District Health Awards 2012

  Nominee Westpac Woman of Influence Awards 2014

  Certified IICT training provider and full member of IICT - International Institution for Complementary Therapists


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