Tong Yuan - Experience a Barrier-Free Heart

An introduction to the meditation series 'Tong Yuan - Gateway to a Barrier-Free Heart'.

With its roots in ancient Chinese wisdom and philosophy, this meditation series leads you through a guided meditation to experience an open heart. 

In this training you will learn:

  • Why an open heart is the fundamental key to success, health, wealth and happiness
  • The signs and symptoms of a 'closed' heart (so you can tell how open or closed your heart currently is – you may be surprised!)
  • The signs and symptoms of an ‘open’ heart (so you can congratulate yourself on your current progress)
  • The number one cause for ‘closing down’ the heart
  • The difference (and connection) between the physical and energetic functions of the heart
  • The 5 special 'Xin' qualities of the heart which result in health, happiness, great relationships, success, abundance and all the GOOD stuff we want to experience in our life
  • The deeper significance of an open heart (it’s truly magical when you understand this)
  • An overview of the full training on how to create a barrier-free heart

This training includes:

  • A 2 hour training video
  • A guided meditation to experience what a truly OPEN heart feels like
  • A bonus exercise to experience growing and rebuilding TRUST
  • An explanation of the 5 essential 'Xin' qualities of the heart
  • Downloadable Mp3 meditation - listen offline
  • Detailed checklists describing the top hundred signs and symptoms of a closed or open heart
  • And much more!  




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