Tong Yuan - Gateway to a Barrier-Free Heart

An online training program showing you how to cultivate the 5 essential 'Xin' qualities of your heart.

Unlock your heart and open your life to new possibilities

Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? Do you look at other people’s lives and think their journeys seems happier, or easier, than yours? Do you sometimes feel like everything inside you is more negative than you’d like?

If you could change your life, would you?

Imagine a life where you have loving, respectful relationships; where you have opportunities for abundance, where you are confident and happy within yourself.

Our childhood journeys have huge impact on our adult lives. Events in childhood can contribute to an ‘energetically closed’ heart, which can cause unhealthy relationships and problems in almost every area of your life.

The journey to an open heart

Symptoms of a closed heart

  • You don’t trust yourself, always second-guessing your decisions, and struggle to follow your intuition and ‘gut’ decisions
  • You suffer from anxiety or worry a lot, imagining worst-case-scenarios
  • You don’t trust other people, and are suspicious of their motives and intentions
  • You lack confidence and struggle with criticism or feedback
  • Relationships with colleagues, partners, family and friends are often problematic
  • You always seem to end up in unhealthy relationships, no matter how hard you try to fix them
  • Your brain always has a million browser tabs open; sometimes at night you struggle to sleep because you’re overthinking

If you want more from your life, you need to invest in yourself. You need to make yourself and your wellbeing a priority. You can change your life.

Break free of the barriers in your heart and life

How Tong Yuan Works

Meditation is used in some form in almost every religion, and in most Eastern countries as a part of day-to-day life. Science has shown that meditation has numerous benefits for your physical and emotional health. Highly successful people often cite mindfulness and meditation as a key factor in their accomplishments.

This program teaches a series of calming meditation techniques, combining ancient wisdom, modern science, and contemporary philosophy. But these techniques go even further than just meditation: they teach you how to uplift and transform your mind and consciousness to a higher level.  

The overall goal is to help you evolve and bring about positive change in your life, because at the end of the day, if we’re not enjoying life, what’s the point? The program uses practical exercises to develop and grow the areas of your life you need to, so you can form a path to wellbeing.

You’ll learn a specific step-by-step process that you continue to use daily, infusing your life with balance, wholeness, and happiness. Whilst your journey will be different to others, you’ll remove barriers in your life which are stopping you from realising complete happiness.

Change your future by opening your heart 

The Outcomes

The goals and outcomes will be different for each person, and you will develop each of the five essential ‘Xin’ qualities in your heart and life according to your unique and specific needs. You will learn how to cultivate:

  • Trust: In yourself, others and the whole of life
  • Openness: To feel a connection with life, nature and others. Emotions are balanced and relationships are easier and happier. Openness is the natural ‘side-effect’ of Trust.
  • Love: You come to accept, respect and love yourself without conditions. Increasing Love for self and others comes as a natural consequence of developing Openness.
  • Gratitude: You’re able to face challenges with hope and optimism. New opportunities come your way and your appreciation of life increases multifold.
  • Respect and Humility: Your appreciation for others transforms as you respect their choices and accept others without judgement. Your awe for life increases as a wellspring of love and compassion grows in your heart for all of life.

What Previous Course Participants Have Said

“I'm qualified as a teacher in this method but I wanted to review it, that’s why I’m taking this course and I LOVE IT! I hold classes and I’m learning so much to enrich my students’ experience. I just really appreciate this. Your interpretation and how succinctly you are taking these concepts is wonderful. Thanks”. Tong Yuan teacher, USA

"You always give such value. More people should join this program" CM Australia

"This is amazing! There is so much information and it is so well organized. I'm struck by the way you can succinctly present all of this information. Your explanations are so wonderful. And it's beautifully presented. I could never have done this! " DL Teacher, USA

"I've been practising Qigong for some time now. Hearing all this information helps to make it make so much more sense. Thanks!" SB, New Zealand

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