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Clear away clouds of negativity so the bright blue sky and sunshine of happiness, peace and joy can shine through in your life.

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How and why do emotions become a problem?

Why is emotional intelligence the most empowering gift you can give yourself?

Emotional mastery is one of the most essential life skills because...

  • Holding onto negative emotions, either consciously or unconsciously, brings you down and makes you unhappy, which means it's difficult to enjoy life. Conversely, if you know how to identify and clear negative emotions quickly, you can enjoy life and feel good, no matter what is going on in your life.

  • If you feel sad, unhappy, angry, frustrated, afraid... (or any negative emotion you care to name) you can't be creative, enthusiastic or productive.  Once you know how to dissolve negative emotions on demand, your creativity will naturally return, freeing you up to follow your dreams. 

  • Emotional roller-coasters are exhausting, draining your energy and sucking the enjoyment out of life. As you clear negative emotional build-up, your life becomes more stable and you build a strong sense of peace and trust inside which cannot be shaken by outer circumstances.

  • Stuck emotions have been proven to be the underlying cause of physical symptoms and sickness. When you know how to clear negative emotional energy from your cells and psyche, your physical symptoms will start to clear up too.

Steps and Stages of Emotional Mastery

There are several distinct steps and stages to reach authentic Emotional Mastery

Just like learning any skill, we must walk before we can run. The EAA programs lead you through the levels of emotional mastery in a clear, efficient and step-by-step fashion.

The ultimate goal is to no longer experience negative emotional reactions such as anger, sadness, upset, disappointment, fear and more.

And even more than this, to experience a perpetual and natural state of joy, peace and harmony within at all times, no matter what is going on externally. 

Whilst this might seem impossible, it is actually your birthright and part of the natural human evolution process to reach a place where, instead of emotional upsets and illness, you experience good health, happiness and wellbeing.

Stages of Emotional Mastery

Note: one does not necessarily follow this order as certain levels can be done simultaneously, but it's a useful guide if you are new to the subject of emotional transformation.

STEP 1 - Awareness and Understanding

The first step in emotional mastery is AWARENESS of several truths which up until now you may not have recognized:

  • The reality that negative emotions are indicative of an 'unnatural' state of consciousness and unhealthy emotional patterning
  • Understanding the life events which have created your emotional patterning
  • That emotions are toxic and harmful to the physical body and will lead to unhappiness and illness if left unresolved
  • The acceptance of your current situation and the willingness to work on transforming things for the better

STEP 2 - Learning and New Perspectives

The next step is to LEARN information about emotions which you previously did not know, for example:

  • Familiarizing yourself with the deeper meaning and hidden purpose of emotions
  • Learning where emotions are located inside the body and which organs they affect
  • Understanding your multiple brains so you can access more of your innate intelligence (intuition, gut instinct etc)
  • and much more...

You will learn how to do this in the Level 1 and 2 EA trainings.

STEP 3 - Clearing Emotions

Once you are aware of how you feel and emotional patterning, you are ready to move on to the next step of emotional mastery: SELF-PROCESSING.

  • Learning to recognize the internal patterning and external events which keep triggering emotions
  • Learning how to recognize and self-clear negative emotions on demand

You will learn how to do this in the level 2 EA training.

STEP 4 - Self Care and Self Empowerment 

Once you have new understanding and new tools to deal with internal emotional reactions, now it's time to make sure you're looking after yourself, which includes managing external people and situations to ensure you prioritize your health and well being. This includes learning how to say no, stop unfair treatment and create clear boundaries. Cultivating healthy self care, self-esteem, self value and self worth is an essential step on the road to self-mastery.

STEP 5 - Cultivating Happiness

The first rule of Feng Shui is 'tidy, tidy, tidy' because you have to clear out the clutter before you can redecorate!

Now that you are managing your negative emotions better, you are ready to start growing and cultivating positive virtues including trust, openness, love, joy, courage, peace and more. 

You will learn how to do this in the level 4 EA training.

STEP 6 - Healing 'Dis-ease'

Emotions play a huge role in the creation and build-up of physical symptoms of pain and fatigue. Learning how to identify and clear the stress and emotions which contribute to physical illness is a key component of emotional mastery. You will learn how to do this in the EA L5 'Emotional Health' training.


See the 5 Levels of Training

The emotional alchemy programs are delivered in a step-by-step fashion through 5 different training programs.

The 5 Stages and 7 Levels of Emotional Alchemy

This video explains the different stages and levels of training in the Emotional Alchemy Academy


"The process of identifying emotions was the most useful for me, I had been so used to missing thing critical step of knowing how I felt – I had felt before that some emotions were bad such as anger and so I had disallowed anger from my life, this caused me to suppress it to the point where I would feel a symptom rather than an emotion. Now I am able to see that there are no ‘bad’ emotions, they all serve a purpose"

Emotional Alchemy Student

About your trainer

Kim is a multi-award winning health coach who teaches people how to master their emotional life. She started exploring emotions after she was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety in her 20's, and then chronic fatigue in her 30's. She discovered the key to her unhappiness and illness lay in dissolving emotional pain. With over 20,000 hours of learning, training and implementation in how to discreate emotions, she is the 'go-to' person for emotional transformation, and LOVES teaching people how to do this for themselves. 

The Power of Emotional Freedom

Emotional empowerment coach Kim Knight explains why emotional alchemy is essential for health and wellbeing.


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