De-Stress Your Life - A Return to Harmony

A comprehensive 'everything you need to know' program designed to reduce and eradicate stress from your life

Do you believe it's possible to live stress-free? Would you like to? Come find out...

Reasons to De-Stress

According to Harvard University, at least 80% of all illness is caused by stress. In my clinic I would put it nearer 100%.

Stress is a killer: it saps your energy, blocks creativity and productivity, disturbs inner peace, underpins all illness, ages you like crazy, shaving years of your life.

Stress also silently underpins all mental and emotional disturbances, such as worry, fear, anxiety, depression, loneliness, isolation, overwhelm, panic, PTSD, trauma and more. 

Learning to de-stress is essential for health, and will transform your life and wellbeing in more ways than you can imagine. 

"Kim this is brilliantly explained and gives such an insight to understanding ourselves. I was adopted and feel this has affected my sympathetic response very early on - this so makes sense to my feelings. I so look forward to learning more. Thank you."

""I absolutely love listening to you! I have been a natural health practitioner for 14 years. I will definitely be using/adding your expertise to my arsenal. Thanks so much for all you have done and for sharing with the world! "

"I can relate to everything you are talking about. Chronic stress can be devastating. I'm looking forward to watching the rest of the video series. Thank you so much Kim for sharing this information with us!"

"This course is SO comprehensive. There's an ENORMOUS amount of detail. It's amazing."

A 7 step pathway to reduce and eradicate stress from your life. 

About this program...

Over the past 20 years I have explored the topic of stress in great detail, studying the multiple root causes, and learning practical exercises and strategies for reducing and eradicating stress.

Stress is a much more complex topic than most people either understand or give it credit for, but in this program the subject is broken down into simple segments making it easy to understand and address. 

The course is jam-packed with downloadable questionnaires and 'stress inventories' as well as guided exercises for de-stressing and increasing inner calm. Once learned, you have these techniques to use for the rest of your life. 

You will also have immediate access to my 'De-Stress Ebook' along with its companion workbook for methodically working through the different areas of your life which stress you out. 

The program is rolled out in bite-size chunks, covering the multiple ways that stress is created, forming a comprehensive approach to reduce and eradicate fear and stress from every area of your life (home, work, health, personal, finances etc). 

What you will learn in this program will forever change how you view and understand stress, as well as how you manage and clear it, and eventually get rid of it for good.

Learn what's in the program

A quick introduction to 3 modules. (Click on the images to watch the short videos).

A Tour Inside the Program

In this video (taken from a review lesson during the program) you can see the the depth of content covered in this program. When we say 'De-stress your LIFE' we mean it!


How the program works

This course is rolled out in 'modules', each module covering a different area of understanding of what it takes to fundamentally eradicate stress. Each week you will learn pertinent theory and strategies relating to the topic of each one of the 7 main modules. Each module contains a number of lessons and videos, with downloadable audios to listen to offline.

There are multiple strategies and tools to choose from, and each week you can choose one 'de-stress / increase calm' transformational technique to practice for the next 7 days, so you can visibly see tangible results each week. 

The lessons are 'drip-fed' each week so that you can pace yourself and not feel overwhelmed (after-all, this is a de-stress course!). Depending on how much time you want to spend each week, it's estimated you could take 3 to 6 months to complete the course materials. Bearing in mind changing our stress habits is not an overnight endeavour, this fits perfectly with the timing of the course. 

Since you have ongoing access to all the course materials in a private membership portal, you can review the lessons as many times as you like, plus return over time to learn and practice more techniques. Take your time, review, enjoy!

Module 1 - Foundation

Essential theory including: the 2 main types of stress, living in harmony with the laws of nature, the addiction of stress, 9 core solutions, engaging your multiple brains, the SMEEP model of holistic  health, download your 'De-Stress Ebook' and workbook, plus quizzes and inventories to assess and measure progress throughout the program... and much more.

Module 2 - Lifestyle

This module focuses on identifying and changing the seemingly innocuous (harmless) unconscious daily habits which keep you stressed. After completing your lifestyle stress inventory you will start implementing your first de-stress technique, and learn a daily breathing practice to restore and maintain calm. 

"What sings out to me from this module is the need to really observe myself, becoming aware of every little thing that creates stress in my body, and most importantly to make changes around these."

"Thank you for the simple and profound explanation of chronic stress and how it affects us. Thank you for the promise that the state of addiction to stress can be reversed and that we can find that natural, relaxed and peaceful state as a path to healing and to joy. I want that."

"Such awesome in depth information! Fantastic for reflecting upon my own life, I am already thinking "what actions / rituals / behaviours are soothing to me - I need to do these"

"You seem to have the background and experience of a university professor rather than a health coach."

Module 3 - Self Care

Discover how an unconscious lack of self-love and self-care keeps you stressed. You will assess your 'work-life balance' and daily routines including food, drink, sleep, morning routines, night time routines, exercise, fun, digital health, 'Being vs Doing' and more. You will complete a self-care assessment and then choose one main life area to focus on for your next de-stressing / calm-increasing week.

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Module 4 - People 

Interacting with people is stressful! The key is to manage ourselves as well as how we respond with others. You will learn the importance of creating healthy boundaries, communicating honestly, the art of saying no, how to stop unfair treatment, being able to put yourself self-first and how to drop guilt. You will learn how to harness the power of your 3 brains to keep you safe and on track. 

Module 5 - Emotions, Energy, Environment

Emotional self-management is essential for remaining inwardly calm, so you will learn simple strategies to manage your emotions. EMF (electro-magnetic fields) in your environment also affects your body, so you will learn how to manage EMF in your personal space. And you will understand how to manage your own energy (Qi) reserves with a simple Qi Gong (energy cultivation and de-stressing technique) to calm the nerves and rejuvenate the mind and body. 

Module 6 - Mind and Spirit

Understand how thoughts, memories, familial programming, societal conditioning and your personal patterns of consciousness all contribute to and perpetuate stress, and how to start turning mental negativity around. Learn why being connected with your True Nature (God Self, Higher Self etc) is paramount for reaching and maintaining a deep state of inner calm. 

"You are such a wealth if information I learn something new every time I listen. Even if it’s for the 4th time. "

"You just asked in your webinar presentation "Does that make sense?" I would just like to say YES it does make sense and almost if not everything you talk about makes sense, Thank you!"

"I am loving all your information. I keep finding myself nodding yes in agreement, it is like my Soul is saying 'yes this is right"

"I really enjoy your trainings and am in awe of the way you put something like this together"

Module 7 - Understanding Trauma

We will look at the role trauma plays in creating and unconsciously perpetuating the stress response, and why it can be so difficult to de-stress even though we try many calming exercises which don't seem to work. You will find out why as we explore trauma, including limbic imprint birth trauma, UDIN shock moments and more. 

Module 8 - Consolidation

Between modules 7 and 8 you will have 2 weeks to review the course materials, and focus on one or two techniques over that time for continuing your stress-reduction journey. Then we will reconvene for a final consolidation session, and you will review and reflect on your progress over the previous (nearly) 2 months. You will re-take the stress assessment to rate your progress and inspire you to carry on towards a brand, new you!

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Pathway of Stress Reduction

This video describes the 6 step pathway you will be taken on to eradicate stress...


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De-Stress Ebook and Companion Workbook


Included in your program is my '7 Laws for a clear mind and healthy body' Ebook, and companion workbook, with exercises and charts for identifying the areas of your life you need to de-stress. 

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Are You Stressed? Find out right now...

Are you a red hot chilli (stress bunny), green chilli (moderately stressed) or cool banana (so chilled you are a master of inner calm)? Find out! Take the fun and enlightening Stress Quiz...


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One Time Only Live Training

Priceless: Live training for the price of an on-demand 'DIY' course

Once only this course is offered through a 'live' training schedule. The benefits of a live training (versus 'on-demand' DIY program) are enormous:

  • You have personal guidance, time and attention from me during live sessions, where you can ask questions and be taught in a live environment
  • You have interaction with other class members, learning from their experiences, so that the learning is exponential - there is much we can learn from listening to other people's stories
  • You are encouraged and motivated to implement the exercises and maximize your results

Classes are held 'live' and then recorded for viewing on demand - you can choose whether to attend the live classes or just watch on demand, or both!

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What's included in the live training:

  • 8 x live 90 minute trainings with Kim 
  • 5 Bonus Q&A calls with Kim
  • All video trainings recorded for viewing on demand at your leisure
  • Additional bonus pre-recorded video lessons 
  • Private membership portal to access all course materials
  • Downloadable audio recordings to listen offline
  • Guided exercises for tuning into your inner being to access the answers you are looking for
  • Practical de-stressing exercises, strategies and techniques with accompanying worksheets
  • Proven, effective and immediately implementable techniques and exercises for reducing and eradicating stress
  • A pathway for transforming your life in positive ways

"I am learning soooooo much and can already feel a big difference in my stress levels."

Member feedback after 4 weeks

"I have had such clear-headedness - I haven't felt this clear since I was a teenager, and I no longer need a sleep in the afternoon."

Member feedback after 4 weeks

"Understanding what stress really is has brought so much relief."

Member feedback after 2 weeks

"I'm a lot calmer in my whole body, mind and feelings."

Member feedback after 3 weeks

"I'm not so reactive and much less triggered by my kids."

Member feedback after 3 weeks

One Time Only Offer

Get the live training program at the DIY price!

Full EAL4 De-Stress Your Life Training - RRP $697

USD $497

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Full EAL4 De-Stress Your Life Training - RRP $997

NZD $695

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Live Class Times

Tuesday 22 October - Wed 11 December 2019 NZT (next day USA / Europe)

Timezone convert:

Module 1 - Foundation: 9am Tuesday 22 October NZT 

Module 2 - Lifestyle Habits: 9am Wednesday 23 October NZT 

Module 3 - Self Care: 9am Wednesday 30 October NZT

Module 4 - People Management: 9am Wednesday 6 November NZT

Module 5 - Emotions, Energy, Environment: 9am Wednesday 20 November NZT

Module 6 - Mind and Spirit: 9am Wednesday 27 November NZT

Module 7 - Trauma - Bonus Module

Module 8 - Consolidation 11 December

Plus more bonus Q&A sessions - see inside the portal once you register.

Don't worry - if you join late you can catch up 'on demand'.


Q: How do I find out more about the program before registering?

A: Sign up and watch this short 4 part video series. The videos are quick and snappy (6-9 mins long each) and explain why it's so important to de-stress. 

Q: What happens if I can't attend the live recordings?

A: No problem, just watch later 'on demand' in your own time.

Q: How do I attend the live classes?

A: You will be emailed an online meeting link 12-24 hours before each call. We use Zoom which is super easy. You can attend from your cell phone, ipad, computer etc.

Q: Why is it better to have 'live' classes rather than just an 'on demand DIY' program?

A: Having live classes offers so much more value to attendees for several reasons:

  • You have the chance to ask questions directly
  • The program is uniquely attuned and adjusted to the attendees
  • You get to listen to other members sharing which is always very helpful when we hear our own story and issues coming out of someone else's mouth
  • You feel SUPPORTED in a tribe of like-minded people all on the same journey
  • You feel INSPIRED and MOTIVATED to do the work and share your progress or challenges with others
  • And much more!!

Q: How long will I have access to the course materials for?

A: A minimum of 12 months, and often ongoingly for much longer, as long as the program is still available online

Q: What is this program useful for? How will it benefit me?

A: This program will teach you how to reduce stress and increase calm, no matter what is going on in your life. It will give you new tools you may never of heard of and teach you how to increase inner calm from the inside out. It will transform your experience of stress for the rest of your life. 

Q: What sort of illnesses or health conditions can this help with?

A: Stress lies at the foundation of most illness. Therefore reducing and clearing stress, and increasing inner peace, which switches on the self-healing functions of the body-mind, will help just about any illness. In fact, de-stressing is a pre-requisite for healing. 

Q: Is it normal to feel some stress? Isn't some stress good for you?

A: There is a difference between stress and creativity. Unfortunately many people believe it's healthy to be stressed, whereas the reality is stress is a silent killer, destroying the ability of the body to function normally, and shaving years off one's lifespan. 

Q: How will the information about stress in this program differ from your other programs?

A: This is the most in depth program I have ever created about stress, because it is specifically about this particular topic. Therefore we will be going deeper into each module even if we covered similar topics before. 

Q: Where does this program fit in with the other EAA trainings?

A: This is the 3rd training after the first 2 levels (EA L1 Foundation, EA L2 Emotional Management, and before the EA L4 Emotional Empowerment). This program focuses specifically on stress, such is the importance of mastering stress for health and wellbeing! See the diagram below for the 7 levels of emotional mastery:

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