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Learn how to say no to others and yes to you without feeling guilty. Stop unfair treatment and take back your power! Grow self-esteem and self-worth. And much more...

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Authentic self-actualization includes the following 7 facets:

SELF-EXPRESSION - Being able to communicate your needs and feelings clearly and easily without fear of what others will think, say or do.

SELF CARE - Being able to prioritize yourself and look after your emotional / mind / physical needs without feeling guilty for putting yourself first.

ASSERTIVENESS AND BOUNDARIES - Being able to stand up for yourself and stop unfair or unacceptable treatment, including when others are manipulating or taking advantage of you.

WORK LIFE BALANCE - Maintaining healthy work-life balance in order to prevent stress and emotions turning into unhappiness or illness.

SELF AWARENESS - Full awareness of when you are or are not meeting your own needs in order to maintain internal health and harmony.

SELF LOVE - Being able to appreciate, value and love yourself enough to care of your own needs

All of which rest on a bedrock of healthy SELF WORTH - a solid foundation of authentic self-worth, self-value, self-belief and self-esteem

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The 7 Characteristics of Emotional Empowerment

In this short video (excerpted from the Emotional Empowerment program) Kim describes the 7 characteristics of emotional empowerment.


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Emotional Alchemy Level L4 Emotional Empowerment

12 week online training

The EA L4 'Emotional Empowerment' training program continues on from the EA L1 Foundation program (a comprehensive understanding of emotions), EA L2 Emotional Management (how to self-clear negative emotions) and EA L3 Stress Management trainings.

Now it's time to learn how to deal with difficult people and re-prioritize your needs so that you take back your power and experience an authentic strength and self-empowerment inside you may never have truly felt.

Self-empowerment has much to do with self-respect, self-love, self-worth, self-appreciation, self-esteem and self-value. This program will show you how to cultivate health self-worth which then impacts how you manage people around you. Your life will change for good.

(Note: whilst it's beneficial to have completed levels 1 and 2 before embarking on level 4, you can start with level 4 and catch up on levels 1 and 2 later if you choose. 

How do I know if this training is right for me?

Use this check list to determine if this training is right for you...

Often with personal development trainings, it can be hard to know if it's going to give you what you want. This is often because understanding what results an intangible' service will bring is different from knowing the benefits of a tangible product like a house, car or new TV. 

The bottom line with personal development work is that the transformation is internal, and makes you feel differently about yourself, believe and think differently about yourself, as well as act differently in the world. In turn this brings a new set of more positive opportunities and outcomes in your life.

The goal of personal development training is positive, lasting change, where you become a different person, and your life is upgraded to a new level.

One of the best ways to determine if a personal development service is right for you is to become aware of, acknowledge and recognize:

1. What is not working in your life, including elements of your life which are not going as well as you would like, and how this manifests as life problems (eg relationship issues, financial crises, work problems, illness, unhappiness etc).

2. What it is that you have had enough of, had a guts full of and know that are no longer willing to tolerate. You quite simply want something better.

3. What it is that you want to be different and better, than you are currently experiencing.

So let's look at a list of what might be turning up in your life which you are either sure you've had enough of, or are starting to contemplate perhaps there must be more to life than this ongoing stress, unhappiness and drama. You keep saying to yourself 'surely there has to be a better way?

Self Empowerment and Authenticity Check List

This training is going to be a good fit if, in your interactions with others, you experience any of the following:

  • Your throat closes up  and your mind goes blank when you try to speak your truth or share you feelings honestly with others
  • You find yourself rationalizing away why you shouldn't say what you'd really like to say for fear of others not liking you or getting angry with you
  • You don't trust your intuition (inner tutor) and constantly doubt and second-guess your decisions
  • You have friends, family or work colleagues in your life who take advantage of you, manipulate, control, humiliate and disrespect you, leaving you crumbling and devastated inside, but unable to do anything about it
  • You constantly feel like there's something wrong with you, you don't deserve to have what you want and you keep sabotaging your success
  • You never feel good enough, and constantly compare yourself and your achievements with others
  • You don't know how to act or feel differently even though you desperately want to feel happier and be authentically self-empowered.

You have absolutely had enough of how things are, you are ready to do whatever it takes to transform your life so that these issues and situations are a thing of the past. 

And you find yourself saying 'I'm ready for change!'

Self Care and Self Worth Check List

This training is going to be a good fit if, in your interactions with others, you experience any of the following:

You often say yes to others, putting your needs on hold and everyone else first, leaving you exhausted, frustrated, intolerant and just plain fed up

You constantly seek approval from others, either unconsciously or consciously, because you have deep feelings of feeling like you're never good enough, nice enough, just plan 'enough'

You constantly feel like there's something wrong with you, you don't deserve to have what you want and you keep sabotaging your success

You work like a dog, always putting in 110%, and yet never feel satisfied or recognized by others

You're fed up of putting so much effort in and yet never getting the results you want

You work long hours, and can never still still, switch your mind off or take a break, and when you do you feel restless after 5 minutes and guilty for taking time out for you

You have absolutely had enough of putting yourself last and ignoring your needs, and are willing to put yourself first.

And you find yourself saying 'I'm ready to do whatever it takes to change!'

I'm ready for emotional freedom, sign me up!

"You have done such a fantastic job with this training. Everything is so well organized and easy to understand. I am so impressed!"

"If I could tell someone about this course, I would tell them how much it has helped me. I know how people are hesitant at spending money on themselves, but I would hope to help them see how important their health is and look at the bigger picture. I'd love to shout about it from the rooftops!"

"If I could tell someone about this program, I would tell them it's really not scary to look at your emotions, in fact it made me feel better, and that they can take the exercises as slowly as they like."

"The content of the course is amazing! It's so comprehensive. I've been trying to figure out the vagaries of my mood for decades! The information is great and I appreciate your sharing your own personal experience. It is very understandable. I really liked that you highlight from the outset that this is (unavoidably) spiritual as well as emotional (processing) work. Thank you for sharing all your knowledge and experiences with us!!"

Emotional Empowerment Topics

Here is some of what you will learn in the Emotional Empowerment training:

How to Stop Unfair Treatment

Whether it's family, friends, children or work colleagues, being treated unfairly is not fun. You will learn how to draw a line in the sand with people who overstep your boundaries, humiliate you, treat you unfairly, minimize your achievements and put you down. You will learn a paint-by-numbers technique for speaking your truth assertively and powerfully so you never have to crumble with fear and shame again.

How to turn Worry, Doubt and Fear into Trust

You will learn how and why it's right to trust yourself, and how to re-build trust in yourself and others after it has been lost. You will learn how trust was lost, and how to regain it - this means trust in you, and then others and the whole of life. You will learn how to stop the mental habit of worry from keeping you trapped in fear. And much more...

How to use your Multiple Brains

You will learn how to tap into your heart and gut brains so you can utilize them to make the right decisions for you. You will learn how to listen to and trust your inner wisdom rather than being swayed by outer opinions. You will take back your power by learning to trust you and your higher self rather than looking outside for approval and confirmation.

How to get over Shocks and Upsets

Rather than staying upset or traumatized by other people's behaviour for days, weeks or months, learn the secret to getting over emotional upsets quickly, easily and efficiently. Clear negative emotional charges from your body-mind so you no longer get trapped in overwhelm, anxiety and despair. 

How to say YES to YOU!

Learn how it's not only OK but necessary to prioritize YOU and meet your needs, because you can't give what you don't have. Too many people exhaust themselves looking after everyone else and then wonder why they are unhappy, run down and sick. Learn how to take care of your own needs so you have plenty of 'you' left over for others.

How to rebuild self-esteem, self-worth and self-love

After re-building self-worth and self-value through creating healthy boundaries and putting yourself first, it's time to increase self-love, self-appreciation and self-esteem. You will learn practical strategies for doing this in an authentic way so that you feel truly different from the inside out.

How to clear the frustration and hurts which build up to become physical symptoms

Whilst this module is not specifically targeted to healing chronic illness (this is done in EAL5 training), the techniques taught in this module WILL help you reduce symptoms by clearing the underlying frustrations, hurts and situations which build up to become physical pain and fatigue.

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About your Trainer

Kim has been studying emotional alchemy for 30 years since she was first diagnosed with depression and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and came to understand that the root of both these problems were trapped emotions. Since then she has been fascinated with all things emotional and how to clear negative energy from the body-mind.


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