EAA Covid-19 Resources Information Page

Online resources for maintaining mental, emotional and physical resilience specifically recommended by the EAA to get through this extra-ordinary time. Includes many free and reduced-priced online courses and self-help trainings. 

Manage overwhelming emotions from the inside out

Simple tips and tricks for reducing stress, anxiety, fear, overwhelm, worry and panic. An essential toolbox of techniques for getting through difficult times and everyday life. Register here

On Demand 10 Day Squats for Challenge

Free 10 day 'Squats for Health' challenge for bringing harmony, peace and calm to the body and mind. Just 5 minutes a day can transform stress and fear into peace and calm! Qigong squats are also very effective in stimulating the natural self-healing mechanisms of the body. Join anytime, available on demand after the live 10 day challenge. Register here.

Keep Calm and Get Through

Limited Time Offer. 8 programs for the price of one: a suite of techniques for dealing with stress, worry, fear, anxiety, loneliness and restoring calm, peace and inner harmony. Details here.