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Often it's not what happens to us, but how we feel about what happens to us, which creates the emotional pain and suffering we experience. Watch this free training on how to manage negative emotions. 

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Why Emotions Matter

One of the most misunderstood causes of unhappiness, low motivation, lack of life enjoyment, and even severe physical symptoms, is an inability to know how to manage one's own feelings. 

Poor emotional literary includes unconsciously resisting uncomfortable emotions, avoiding telling others how we honestly feel and burying unresolved emotional hurts. The EAA will show you how to build your emotional literacy with ease and efficiency, leading to increased inner peace, creativity, productivity and health.  

Kim Knight, Founder, The Emotional Alchemy Academy

Emotions and You

Your emotions affect every level of your being.

Physical Health

Trapped emotional energy is one of the most missed and misunderstood causes for ill health. Discover how to reverse symptoms of illness, pain and fatigue by clearing blocked emotional energy.

Stress and Health

Stress is often the result of unconsciously resisting uncomfortable emotions such as fear, anger, sadness and hurt. Learn how to eradicate stress by safely and effectively managing your feelings.

Mental Health

Fear, hurt, frustration, grief and loneliness lie at the root of much anxiety, despair, depression and mental illness. Learn how to restore mental wellbeing through managing your emotions. 

Energetic Health

Suppressed emotions (e-motion) block our internal energy pathways (meridians), causing fatigue and even sickness in the organs. Learn how to restore and boost your physical and mental energy through self-managing your feelings.

Emotional Health

Mismanaging or ignoring our emotions causes much life disatisfaction and an inability to experience true joy and happiness. Clear your past and manage your feelings so you can enjoy the now and create your best future.

Spiritual Health

Suppressing emotions blocks our connection with our True Self. If you are lacking purpose, vision, meaning and drive, it may be you need to clear some underlying emotional energy. 

EI in Business and At Home

EI / EQ - Emotional Intelligence

EI at Work

Emotional literacy is fundamental to a productive, happy workplace. Improve your workplace culture - and bottom line - through tailormade EI trainings.

Emotional Intelligence In Business

Personal EQ

Discover the 7 levels of emotional alchemy to improve all levels of your wellbeing - start your journey to emotional freedom today.

Emotional Intelligence for Individuals

The EAA Mission and Vision

VISION: a world where people are operating from love (not fear), from unity (rather than separation), from 'we' more than 'me'. A world where actions stem from goodwill, brother-sister-hood, and service to humanity and nature.

MISSION: To furnish people with practical strategies for growing emotional intelligence and evolving consciousness beyond the need for fearful, negative responses, thoughts and behaviours which harm self and others. To show people how it's possible to live in a perpetual state of inner harmony and joy.

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