Root Cause Analysis with Kim

Get to the root cause and transform sickness into health.

Option 1 - Full Root Cause Analysis Breakthrough

A comprehensive analysis of your whole life to determine the root cause of all symptoms of illness and unhappiness. You will discover how all your life circumstances and events have led you to this point in your life right now, and why it is 'we heal a whole person's life'. 

Full Root Cause Analysis

Option 2 - Partial Root Cause Analysis

The partial root cause analysis begins the process of exploring the cause of one or more of you health or wellbeing issues, and is a scaled-down version of the full package. This means you may need two or three sessions to cover the same ground as the full analysis, but it's a great way to get started. 

Partial Root Cause Analysis

30 Years Experience in Mind-Body Therapies

Multi-award winning therapist, including Finalist NEXT New Zealand Woman of the Year 2011, and Winner SFT Award at the HINZ Health Informatics Conference 2016


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