Freedom From Financial Fears

The 7 secrets to feeling financially secure,
no matter how much money you do (or don't) have in the bank. 

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Who is this for?

This training is right for you if:

  • You are constantly or frequently stressed out and worried about money
  • You are in overwhelm over not having enough money, running out of money, not being able to pay the bills
  • You have frequent 'worst-case-scenario' fears of losing everything, being destitute, being homeless and on your own without support
  • You often experience anxiety attacks, panic attacks, 'brain freeze' when you have to face anything to do with money
  • You seem to have irrational fears around 'survival' which you don't understand and can't seem to find the cause (or solution)
  • You experience physical symptoms including stress, anxiety, brain fog, heart palpitations, sleeplessness because of your money worries
  • You feel hopeless over what to do and don't know how to improve your situation or get the help to do so
  • You procrastinate about doing anything about your money issues even though you'd like to
  • You're sick, tired and exhausted of constantly being worried and stressed about money, and you want a different experience
  • You want to know how to get out of anxiety and fear so that you can cope with the situation at hand
  • You want to get to the bottom of your money problems and no longer fear not having enough money
  • You want to know how to be calm and relaxed even if you don't have much cash in hand
  • You want to know how to have clear-thinking so you can take constructive action towards solving your problems
  • You want to learn how to experience a sense of deep peace within no matter what is going on without

Secrets to Financial Security

In this introductory video, taken from the program, we look at 2 of the biggest reasons for financial fears, and 5 of the most essential solutions to restoring inner peace and calm. Whilst we all want 'outer security', in this program you will learn that 'inner security' is the secret to feeling safe about money.


4 Core Fears which keep you trapped

In this video, taken from the program, we look at some of the root causes of financial fears, including the 4 core 'emotional' fears which can keep you stuck. 

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'Everything became crystal clear'

"It just became very, VERY apparent to me that these financial fears had absolutely nothing to do with money, and instead had EVERYTHING to do with deeper fears inside of me from my past which i needed to discover and resolve".

What's Included?

This training is jam-packed with content to help you transform your world from the inside out.

Inside your private membership portal you will find:

  • Pre-recorded lessons on how to overcome financial fears
  • Heaps of bonus lessons and exercises on how to overcome fear and restore calm
  • Videos, audio files and relevant handouts
  • Downloadable MP3 audio files to download and listen to offline
  • Life-changing information to bring clarity and inner peace

Plus when this is a 'live training' a LIVE Q&A session with Kim

My Money Story

For the first 35 years of my life, I always had plenty of money, including earning well in my work, building up savings, owning two mortgage-free homes and a new BMW.

But then life circumstances happened and I lost everything. And I mean everything. And even worse, I went into serious debt, causing me to consider bankruptcy. 

So I know what it is like to not have enough money to pay the weekly bills or buy basic food. And I know what it's like to experience this stress ongoingly for months and years. It wears you out and leaves you feeling hopeless. 

I understand the stress, anxiety, sleepless nights, terror and fear of losing everything and contemplating what would happen if I no longer had a roof over my head. I know.

These experiences took me on a long journey to discover 'why is it I keep finding myself with a zero bank balance, terrified that I will end up on the streets'?

I had to dig deep to find the answers. 

And what I discovered was that having money, and fear of not having money, has nothing to do with money!

I discovered instead that my money situation had everything to do with my internal beliefs about myself, as a result of events which happened to me throughout my life, many of which were beyond my control as an infant and child. 

I discovered that the key to letting go of money fears lay in changing myself from the inside out, and then my world would change as a result, and even if it didn't, I still felt OK.

I also discovered the number one habit I needed to learn and practice in order to let go of any and all fears. 

This is what I will be sharing in this class, because I know the paralysing effect fear has on the mind, and I don't want you to stay stuck in fear one more day.

Join me for an enlightening and practical class on how to get rid of financial fears (and many other fears besides).

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