Emotional Intelligence at Work

Never underestimate the power of positive emotions for a healthy and productive workforce!

What research shows about emotions and workplace culture.

Studies show the significant impact of emotions on how people perform on tasks; how engaged and creative they are, how committed they are to their organizations, and how they make decisions.

Research shows emotional culture influences employee satisfaction, motivation, connection, engagement, burnout, teamwork, and even "hard" measures such as financial performance and absenteeism.

When leaders recognize emotions in the workplace, and consciously shape them, they can better serve and motivate their people.

Limited Time Launch Offer - December 2020

To celebrate the addition of the Emotional Culture Deck workshops to the Emotional Alchemy Academy's suite of EI trainings, for the month of December 2020 Kim is offering 3 free workshops to 3 lucky businesses (value $2,500+ each). Register your interest below. 

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EI with Kim

Kim has been training and working in the field of Emotional Intelligence for 30 years.

Her interest in EI stemmed from her discovery of the enormous role unpleasant emotions played in the creation of anxiety, depression and chronic illness, along with the inability to perform at work as a result of pent up and unexpressed emotions.

She is an award-winning health and personal development coach based in Queenstown, New Zealand, and an authorized Emotional Culture Deck Workshop Trainer.