Secrets to Health

Affordable Weekly Group Online 'TKM' Wellness Coaching with Award-Winning Health and Lifestyle Coach Kim Knight

Learn how to access the built-in self-healing powers of your body-mind. Once you know how, it's easy.

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"I have found the weekly classes this month have helped immensely in finding out about how my body can look after me, by knowing more about it's language and the way it lets me know, by sending symptoms, and I now know that if I am not okay or happy about anything, there is an underlying emotion to process, before I can feel relief!"

Course Member

"I really value this course and have seen reduction in symptoms since starting. Also I am feeling more hopeful now about reclaiming my health fully after all I’m learning here."

Course Member

"Learning actual ways to define and monitor stress has really helped me! I like how each week there is homework, and I love the downloadable notes and materials. You are an excellent teacher, Kim!"

Course Member

"I’ve been in your weekly group health coaching for 5 weeks now and I'm really loving the program!"

Course Member

"I’ve been attending five weeks now and it’s really important to me to get this week’s classes as the program is so beneficial!"

Course Member

[Video] How Weekly Coaching Can Help

In this video you will learn the 3 essential components everyone needs to get rid of symptoms, and how this weekly coaching can help you.


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Intimate Community

Never feel alone again on your search for answers. Join a group of like-minded individuals where it's safe to be yourself, share your deepest pains and be heard without judgement.

Expert Guidance

Be personally guided by an expert with 30 years experience in chronic illness recovery. Learn tried and tested methods for reversing symptoms and preventing further illness. Become the master of your health and wellbeing.

Hope and Upliftment

Keep your Spirits up and stay optimistic and positive with support from a health coach who knows you can get well with the right guidance and necessary changes. Feel supported by other members all on the same journey. You are not alone.

Switch On Your Body's Natural Healing Abilities

Self-love, self-care, de-stressing and restoring inner harmony are the keys to health...

Discover the hidden factors which have led your body to create illness, so you can start to let symptoms go. Learn how to interpret the subtle and hidden meaning and messages behind symptoms. Become your own 'health detective' and uncover the hidden beliefs which are unconsciously driving habits and behaviours which are perpetuating symptoms. Discover how to manage the 6 core emotions which drive most symptoms. Learn proven self-care techniques which automatically lead to self-healing. Learn how different symptoms and diagnoses are interconnected and what this means for you. Move from fear and doubt to trusting and believing your body can self-heal. Make subtle changes on a daily basis which move you towards health and away from illness. Learn how to take back control over your health so you no longer need to rely so much (or even at all) on supplements or medication. Learn how the same strategies and exercises for clearing symptoms will also keep you well and prevent reoccurence of symptoms!

What you will learn

A snapshot of some of the indepth topics you will learn in order to uplevel your happiness and health.

No matter what you have been told, or believe, from 30 years or exploration, research, training and experience I can tell you this:

Your body is built to self-heal. It is a self-healing mechanism. 

The key to turning on these self-healing powers is to understand the 'laws of health' and to stop the harm which is unconsciously preventing health and wellness. 

I invite you to join me on my super affordable weekly TKM Lifestyle Medicine health coaching classes where you will learn how to switch on the natural self-healing powers of your body-mind.

Stop spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on supplements each month, or therapies which don't work. Learn how to heal yourself from the inside out. Once you know how, you will have it for life.

Class Times and Dates

Weekly Class Time: 10am Thursday NZT

The weekly classes are generally held 10am Thursday morning NZT (New Zealand time). Check the time conversion here.

Each class will run for 90 minutes and be available to watch on replay for 7 days. 

Occasionally due to scheduling requirements the weekly time may change. You will be notified in advance if this is the case.

All further instructions on how to join the weekly calls will be sent to you once you register and pay.

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Register below for your first group class with Kim. Payment details for follow-up classes will be in the Lifestyle Medicine info portal (access details are sent as soon as you register).

New Zealand Residents (NZD)


per week per class 'pay-as-you-go' each week


50% off session-pricing for August

1 x 90 minute live training with Kim (value $70 NZD)

7 days 'on demand' anytime viewing

Free access to the TKM Lifestyle Coaching information portal with bonus materials and exercise handouts

Free BONUS online program 'What Causes Illness' value $97 NZD (if 4 out of 5 sessions in August are attended)

Total Value $167 NZD

You pay just $35 NZD

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Outside New Zealand (USD)


per week per class 'pay-as-you-go' each week


50% off session-pricing for August

1 x 90 minute live training with Kim (value $50 USD)

7 days 'on demand' anytime viewing

Free access to the TKM Lifestyle Coaching information portal with bonus materials and exercise handouts

Free BONUS online program 'What Causes Illness' value $67 USD (if 4 out of 5 sessions in August are attended)

Total Value $134 USD

You pay just $25 USD

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Secrets to Health [Free Video Training]

In this video training you will learn 15 prerequisites for reversal symptoms of illness, no matter what your health condition or diagnosis. Plus details of Kim's super-affordable weekly group Lifestyle Medicine coaching classes.


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Clinical Training and Experience

  • 30 years of exploration into the root cause (and solution) to hundreds of symptoms and illnesses
  • 20,000+ hours of clinical training and clinical practice with clients
  • Hundreds of client success stories of recovery from complex health conditions which baffled doctors
  • Training in a multitude of emotional healing modalities including Moativational Medicine, The Emotion Code, Meta Health, Lifestyle Prescriptions, ACE Advanced Clearing Energetics, EFT tapping, mBIT Multiple Brain Integration and more
  • Founder of the Emotional Alchemy Academy and TKM root cause analysis
  • Fully certified Qigong and meditation master practitioner, including 6 year Ren Xue 'Human Life Science' training, 3 year Zhineng Qigong training and 9 years of Universal Healing Tao Qigong.

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