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'A Course in Weight Loss' Free Community Program

A free support program for women who want to address and clear the root psycho-emotional-spiritual reasons for holding excess weight.

Guided by health coach and personal development trainer Kim Knight

About this community:

This group is built on the teachings of Marianne Williamson's book 'A Course in Weight Loss', which addresses the deep psycho-emotional-spiritual aspects of why we hold excess weight. As you will discover, the root cause of weight gain has very little to do with exercise and diet, and everything to do with our mind, emotions, Spirit.

Whilst the guidance from Kim is offered free, you will need to purchase a copy of the book in order to follow and implement the teachings.

Kim will offer free monthly webinars and online tutorials sharing key concepts of the teachings as we move through the book chapter by chapter. You will join a group of like-minded women in a community forum to grow and share together.

All details will be found once you register. 

“This course is not about food but about spirituality - the quest for a power that is greater than your own. It is not about your addiction, but about a force that is more powerful than your addiction. Our purpose is not to analyze your darkness but to turn on a light that, having been trapped within you, is now ready to blaze forth". ”

It's not about the food

“The first realization on your journey to freedom is that you have come to believe a lie... that food that is actually bad for you has the power to comfort, nurture and sustain you. Your task is to correct the lie.”

Correcting the Lie

“Only the power of love can overcome the power of hate, and make no mistake about it; your unhealthy eating is an act of self-hate... over-eating is an emotionally violent act.”

It's about Love