Root Cause Analysis - 3 Choices

Choose one of these 3 options and get started on your journey back to health!

3 Options - Let's Get Started

All consultations are held remotely online. Details will be sent with confirmation.

Premium Root Cause Analysis

This RCA package is a comprehensive investigation to identify the root causes of your problem. It includes access to a number of online health programs and a full written report.

Premium Root Cause Analysis

Regular Root Cause Analysis

The 'light' RCA package includes the same investigative process and pre-session preparation, and includes one online program, but excludes a detailed follow-up written report.

Regular Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Discovery Session

A 60 minute discovery session to investigate the cause of your symptoms. By the end of the session you will have insights which could take years to work out by yourself.

Root Cause Discovery Session

8 Secrets about your amazing body

You need to know these secrets if you are looking to get well!


30 Years Experience in Mind-Body Therapies

Multi-award winning therapist, including Finalist NEXT New Zealand Woman of the Year 2011, and Winner SFT Award at the HINZ Health Informatics Conference 2016


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