Emotional Alchemy - 5 Levels of Training


An overview of the 5 different levels (training programs) offered at the Emotional Alchemy Academy for reaching emotional mastery.

EA Academy Course Structure

The complete Emotional Alchemy Academy training is broken down into 5 levels. Levels 1, 2 and 3 are currently open for enrollment:

EA1 - Foundation Level

6 Week Online Self-Paced Training

In this level you learn how emotions are created, why they are necessary, how to become more emotionally aware, the connection between stress and emotions, where inside your body emotions are generated and stored and much, much more. You will also take an assessment to discover which 'emotional needs' were missed in childhood.

Full Foundation Program Overview and Registration

"The techniques are simple but amazingly effective. I've really benefited from doing them."

EA Academy Member
EA Levels 1 and 2 Program

EA2 - Emotional Management

In this section we move into the 'experiential' phase of learning simple, effective, safe strategies and techniques for clearing emotions like anger, sadness, hurt, betrayal,  disappointment, anxiety,  depression, guilt, shame and more. You will learn how it's possible to 'dissolve' emotional energy safely without having to go into drama.

Full Emotional Management Program Outline and Registration

"This is probably the most beneficial work I've done on myself. I'd highly recommend taking the course if you're struggling with big emotions."

EA Academy Member
EA Levels 1 and 2 Program

EA1 Foundation and EA2 Emotional Management Combo

12 Weeks Online Self-Paced Training

Set yourself up to understand the deeper meaning of emotions and learn how to self-process negative feelings with this EA levels 1 and 2 combo bundle.

Register for the Emotional Alchemy Combo

"I have found the course fascinating. There was so much content and so much to learn, such as self-worth emotions, preventing overwhelm, self care to overcome frustration.... I am looking forward to listening again to absorb it all."

EA Academy Member
EA Levels 1 and 2 Program

EA3 - Emotional Empowerment

Emotional empowerment is all about taking back your power and being your authentic self. Learn how to put yourself first and say yes to you and no to others without feeling guilty. Learn how to create clear boundaries around unfair treatment, bullying, emotional and verbal abuse. Get rid of the stories in your head which tell you you don't deserve to have your needs met.

Live Training starts Feb 2019 - Full Emotional Empowerment Program Overview and Registration

"This course has really made me think differently about emotions, the role they play in illness, and how important it is to be aware, to respect, acknowledge and feel them in order to transform and maintain health."

Julianne Petrie, PhD Child Development Specialist
EA Levels 1 and 2 Program

EA4 - Growing Wisdom

Learn how to 'cultivate' and access the positive virtues of love, happiness, joy, trust, openness, peace, respect, compassion, gentleness, generosity, courage which are already inside of you, which have been masked by clouds of old negativity and hurt. Learn the secret to staying joyful, calm and relaxed no matter what.

Live Training starts May 2019 - Details coming soon

"I love learning about the brain and emotions. I have gotten so many useful nuggets of information together with tools I can use. It's great to have the videos online to be able to watch when you can."

EA Academy Member
EA Levels 1 and 2 Program

EA5 - Reversing Symptoms

Understand 'the emotional intelligence in physical illness' and how illness and symptoms can be reversed through getting rid of underlying emotional pain. Learn how to manage, prevent and reverse illness without medication or supplements.

Live Training starts Sept 2019 - Details coming soon

Emotional Freedom Bundle

Enroll in all first 3 levels of Emotional Alchemy: EA Foundation, EA Management and EA Empowerment. Includes special time-sensitive bonus masterclasses and programs.

Enroll for the Emotional Alchemy Levels 1, 2 and 3 Bundle

"I feel more empowered, more in control of what is best for me, feel much more confident, and just ‘on top’ of things. There is a big change - it’s like my existence has changed in such a positive way, and it’s hard to believe sometimes"

Emotional Mastery Client

Emotional Alchemy Academy Topics

A preview of some of the topics covered in the Emotional Alchemy Academy training:

How your life changes when you are emotionally masterful

When you learn how to become emotionally proficient, the benefits are many:

  • You overcome the fear of feeling your feelings, and feel empowered and strong enough to face uncomfortable feelings
  • You overcome your fear of speaking your mind and feel brave enough to express your emotions to others
  • You know how to clear negative emotions in seconds or minutes rather than staying stuck for months or years
  • Your heart feels lighter and life seems brighter
  • You feel inspired to go after your dreams and take action on projects you have previously procrastinated on
  • Physical symptoms start to clear up and disappear
  • Anxiety and depression start to clear
  • Your sleep improves which means you have more energy and enthusiasm for life
  • You feel empowered to be in control of how you feel, and you are no longer disturbed by what others say or do
  • and so much more, which you will discover for yourself as you become emotionally masterful

These EMOTIONAL ALCHEMY trainings teach you to self-process and let go of uncomfortable emotions with ease and grace.

You can learn how it IS possible not to feel afraid or ashamed of having feelings. You can learn to share your feelings honestly with others without feeling bad or guilty. You can learn to let go of your past so you can step into your future with optimism and positivity.

You also learn how to cultivate positive emotions to bring you even greater freedom.

Instead of living in fear you start to experience what life is like when you are in a state of joy, happiness and trust.

And you learn how to self-heal symptoms of chronic illness without medication or supplements. 

It's all possible if you have the right guidance and strategies, You won't believe the change you can create in yourself in just a short amount of time!

In these comprehensive programs you learn how to become the master of your emotions.

Steps and Stages of Emotional Mastery

There are several distinct steps and stages to reach authentic Emotional Mastery

Click here to read the different stages of emotional mastery

About your trainer

Kim is a multi-award winning health coach who teaches people how to master their emotional life. She started exploring emotions after she was diagnosed with clinical depression and anxiety in her 20's, and then chronic fatigue in her 30's. She discovered the key to her unhappiness and illness lay in dissolving emotional pain. With over 20,000 hours of learning, training and implementation in how to discreate emotions, she is the 'go-to' person for emotional transformation, and LOVES teaching people how to do this for themselves. 

The Power of Emotional Freedom

Emotional empowerment coach Kim Knight explains why emotional alchemy is essential for health and wellbeing.


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