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5 Keys to Emotional Freedom [Free Watch Anytime Webinar]

Being able to manage your feelings is one of the keys to emotional mastery. On Demand Webinar.

Value $19. Register now and watch on demand.

Freedom from Toxic Ties that Bind [Free Webinar Training]

Are you trapped in toxic, abusive, dysfunctional relationships (partner, parents, friends, family, work?). Discover the keys to freedom from toxic ties that bind.

Value $19. Register Free and attend on demand.

9 Pillars of Health Mastery

'We heal people not illness.
We heal a whole person's life, not a health condition
Discover the 9 key life areas which need to be addressed to effect complete holistic health and wellbeing. 

Value: $47. Register here now for free.

Inspiring Insights and Information

One my goals is to inspire you with life-changing information and new perspectives so you can uplift your life for the better! Check out my blog!

Emotional Alchemy Academy Blog

Which Healthcare is Right for Me?

Do you know all the healthcare choices available to you? If you've grown up believing only medication, surgery or supplements are the answer, think again - the information in this series will blow your mind as to what is REALLY possible!

Value: $97. Register here now for free.

You Tube Videos

Stacks of useful information on my YouTube channel. 

Kim Knight Health You Tube Channel

Kiwi Health Detective Podcast

Catch inspiring episodes on my ITunes Podcast Show. New episodes every month.

Listen to episodes of the Kiwi Health Detective Podcast Show

The Real Cost of Illness and True Value of Health

What is it costing you to stay sick and unhappy... emotionally, financially, in loss of work, fun, time with family, relationship pressures? Hear how it literally cost me $5 million dollars, and how you can avoid wasting time, energy and money by taking the right action now.

Value: $97. Register here now for free.

Tong Yuan 'Open your Heart to Love' [Free Webinar]

Come and learn how all the love you have ever wanted is already inside of you, waiting to be found.

May 2019 - Registration coming in May

Energy Medicine & Healing Summit

Join me and a smorgesboard of international luminaries including Gregg Braden and Bruce Lipton on this inspirational online event.

Details coming March 2019

Transform The Patterns of Consciousness [Free Webinar]

Discover the 10 fundamental patterns of human nature which lead to unhappiness, life problems and sickness, and what you need to do to transform and transcend self-sabotaging habits which keep you sick, stuck and unhappy.

July 2019 - Registration coming soon

Emotional Intelligence Summit

  • Harness the extraordinary power of your emotional Intelligence. 28 experts share their wisdom. 
Coming soon

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